Lebanon Small Animal Clinic Frequently Asked Questions for Our Veterinarians & Staff

Do you take walk-ins?

Walk-in clients are welcome, however appointments are preferred. Emergency cases will always receive first priority followed by previously scheduled appointments. All appointments are allotted a minimum 30 minutes to ensure proper care and attention to your concerns and your pet’s health.

Will you offer emergency service after hours and on holidays?

Call the office and you will receive the number of the doctor on call. The doctor will offer advice and/or meet you at the clinic if needed. Be aware that some instances do require intensive emergency care or immediate surgery and may need to be referred to a 24 hour emergency clinic. This service is available to LSAC and LEC (Lebanon Equine Clinic) clients only.

Do you take payments?

We require full payment at the time that services are rendered in order to focus on quality client care, customer service and keeping your costs low. We do not offer delayed billing. We do accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, CareCredit, cash and personal checks.

we take credit cards

CareCredit is credit line that allows extended payment plans with 0% interest. You can apply directly at our hospital in privacy through the internet or over the phone. Visit www.carecredit.com.

CareCredit details:

How often does my pet need a dental?

Every animal varies. Some animals need it yearly and others never have a need. A physical examination will allow the doctors to assess your pet’s teeth and give you recommendations.

Why is a physical exam required?

Physical examinations may detect certain medical problems that you may be unable to see or recognize. Early detection may save on the cost of treatment and prevent your pet from becoming ill. It is also illegal to treat any patient without a valid client to patient relationship.

Will you have a boarding facility?

No. Our hospital is currently reserved for hospitalized cases only. We do keep a client referred list of boarding facilities and have tried to visit as many as we could to help you decide which one fits you best.

Are you able to do house calls?

Yes. Scheduling is required in advance and there will be an additional travel charge depending on location.

Do you see exotics?

Yes. We see numerous exotic and pocket pets. We have an exotic-specific examination room set up because we know their needs and stress levels are different than a dog or cat.

How often does my dog need his anal glands expressed?

Every dog varies and some dogs never require manual expression. It is not necessary to see a doctor for this service and may be performed by a technician or assistant. We also may recommend diet changes to help prevent this need.

Do you accept pet insurance?

Yes. Pet insurance is becoming more affordable with better coverage. Unlike human insurance companies, there is not a specific “network” in which you are limited to certain veterinarians. However, this usually means that you will pay for services and the company will reimburse you according to your policy. There are numerous companies but, Trupanion does offer a free 30 day trial in terms easy to understand with generous coverage. Visit www.trupanion.com.