Veterinary Services

Diagnostics for Your Pet

Pets are not able to tell us what’s bothering them. That is why our veterinary diagnostics are so important. We use these advanced tools to provide us a better understanding on what your pet is feeling and get an accurate picture of what is happening inside your pet. Time is of utmost importance when your pet is ill.

We offer point of care diagnostics to allow for the quickest diagnosis to help improve the outcome of your pet.

Be assured that we are well equipped and fully prepared to get your pet back to a healthy state. For those situations where an expert opinion from a board certified specialist is needed, test results can be instantly delivered electronically to veterinary radiologists, cardiologists, pathologists, and internal medicine specialists with whom we have developed solid, professional relationships.

Digital Radiographs (X-Ray)

Radiographs are pictures of the internal aspects of your pet on exposed film. These are historically called X-rays named from the radiation used to expose the film. At LSAC, we offer CR digital radiograph processing. This type of processing allows quicker image production, less radiation exposure, and better image quality. Our compassionate staff will escort your pet to our radiology suite to obtain the digital images. Once created, the images are read by a computer and transferred to the computer screen. The images will be thoroughly examined by our veterinarian who will explain what the images portray. From there we will discuss our treatment plan and determine the next best steps for your pet. If you would like a copy of your pet’s radiographs, they can be sent via email or saved to a CD for your viewing at home.

Radiographs may also be used to identify and prevent future problems. The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) has a database and a purpose “To promote the health and welfare of companion animals through a reduction in the incidence of genetic disease.” We do offer radiographs for elbow, shoulder and hip certification through OFA in order to promote responsible breeding.

Digital Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a process in which sound waves above human hearing are used to produce an image. Our state of the art digital ultrasound machine is able to produce crisp clear images to help visualize the structure of many internal organs. Cardiac, abdominal and renal ultrasound tend to be the most commonly used to assess function and form. Our digital ultrasound is also equipped with Color Flow Doppler. This allows us to examine blood as it is actively flowing through the arteries and veins, which is integral to diagnosing cardiac abnormalities. These images are produced in real time so that movement can be seen and measured to help pinpoint the problem and sedation is rarely needed. Our caring staff will use minimal restraint in a softly padded foam bed or table to help your pet feel comfortable. The hair is typically shaved and a water based gel or liquid is applied to allow the sound waves to transmit freely. The image is displayed on the screen and can be saved for viewing and future reference.

From X-Rays to Ultrasound, we offer complete veterinary diagnostics. Contact us today at 513-932-4181.