Veterinary Services

On-Site Laboratory for Pet Screening

Not every illness that your animal may be suffering from can easily be seen or diagnosed by external observation. Many tools help provide the ability to look below the surface and see what changes are occurring with your pet. This allows us to quickly identify an underlying problem in order to reach a final diagnosis. Time is always crucial in making your pet feel better and that is why our laboratory is so important.

Our in-house laboratory provides many standard and advanced screening capabilities.

It usually takes less than 15 minutes to acquire results once the necessary sample is obtained. Our state of the art blood chemistry and hematology (CBC) analyzers’ data is sent directly to our computer records. Some of these advancements enable us to assess a specific organ’s health. This allows us to isolate a specific disease at a decreased cost. Once our caring staff has obtained the sample, your pet is returned to your side so they can feel right at home. We will then discuss the results with you in detail to determine the best treatment plan for your pet.

When your pet needs lab screening, rely on the vets at LSAC. Contact us today at 513-932-4181.