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Behavior Counseling for Your Pet

Our pets exhibit many behaviors that are far less than desirable. We added this service for our clients to help them live a more stress-free enjoyable life with their pets.

Undesirable behavior in your pet can be a difficult situation to manage, but with the right plan, it is manageable.

Research has shown that the most critical months for shaping behavior are the early ones. This is through proper socialization of your pets before 4 months of age. Our staff strives to give advice on all early stage wellness visits to help you through this process. We realize that rescued and shelter pets may not always have this early opportunity. That is why we want to help establish the proper line of communication to shape the desirable behaviors and decrease the bad ones.

Behavior is not just about an attitude. Sometimes there are medical reasons for a certain behavior. Once we have determined that there is no medical basis for the unwanted behavior, we can work with you to establish desired behaviors in your pet. Whether you have problems with excessive barking, eliminating in the house or outside the litter box, biting, destructive behavior, separation anxiety or more, our educated staff is here to help eliminate those unwanted behavior.

Establishing communication with your pet and any other family member is the key to eliminating bad behavior. The sooner a form of communication is established (for example, giving yummy treats), the more effective you will be at shaping the desired behavior. If your pet is exhibiting unwanted behaviors, we encourage you to bring it up during your next visit to our office, or to call and make an appointment with us to discuss your pets behavior.

Commonly Treated Animal Behaviors

Regardless of problem we stand with the current view of dominance based training.

Do you have a pet that could benefit from behavior counseling? Contact us today at 513-932-4181.