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Pet Allergies and Other Skin Conditions

Our pets often suffer from itchy skin, rashes, hair loss and skin related conditions. The first step is providing comfort for your pet and then identifying the cause to treat and prevent a reoccurrence. Although humans react differently, our pets suffer from many of the same external conditions as we do. When your pet becomes itchy, develops a rash or shows the symptoms of another skin related condition, there are a number of things that could be triggering a reaction in your pet. An examination is essential to determine the cause but further testing may be indicated including skin scrape, serum allergy test, and biopsies. Most of these tests are completed in our in-house laboratory followed by a quick and accurate diagnosis. We can then begin immediate treatment, providing your pet the comfort they deserve.

Our vets ensure each treatment plan for allergies or a skin condition is specific to your individual pet.

Treatment for allergies and other skin conditions vary widely, based on the underlying cause as well as each animals unique needs and lifestyle. Each treatment plan is specific to the individual pet and may include topical and/or oral prescriptions, supplement/diet changes, desensitization to an allergen, or any combination of these. Sometimes, simple changes at home, such as routine medicated baths, can alleviate the problem.

Allergies and other skin conditions are best controlled by prevention rather than multiple treatments. Allergies (hypersensitivity) are an increased stimulation of the immune system. Historically, long acting steroid shots were used with much success and a quick response. However, this treatment is not the first choice for control or comfort since side effects and permanent changes may occur. We now have many new forms of treatment which pose less risk for your pet. For example, a change in your pet’s diet can prevent many dietary allergies. If your pet’s allergy is environmental, removal of dust and parasites may alleviate the cause. Often, just making a few small modifications to your pet’s environment can reduce and even eliminate problems they are experiencing.

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